Friday, September 13, 2013

The Beginning

I travel fairly regularly for work and I travel fairly regularly for fun. I love it. I really want to go (almost) EVERYWHERE! This blog was supposed to be called Postcards from Everywhere, then Postcards from Anywhere, then Postcards from Wherever... but those names were ALL taken... so we've got Postcards from Jenna. And that is what I want this blog to be- a postcard from me to you and to myself about the places I visit. And the places I dream of visiting (Nicaragua, I'm looking at you). And the places I've already gone and should have blogged about 15 years ago before there were really blogs...

I've lived a several places in the western US. I've traveled quite a bit around the US- including Hawaii and Alaska. I've never really been outside of the US (except a couple trips to Tijuana and Ensenada, Mexico when I was in middle school and high school).

I feel like I'm a pretty 'good' traveler and fairly 'seasoned'. I'm always looking for travel tips from fellow travelers so maybe those same fellows will be interested in my tips and tidbits.

A little background:

I live in California with my husband of 11+ years and our two big cats. I work from home as a Marketing Coordinator for a not-for-profit society and I LOVE my job! Prior to this rad job, I worked as a Marketing and Trade Show Coordinator for 10 years for a FOR-profit company (where I went to an office every day). I've seen my fair share of convention centers, meeting rooms and airports- but I always make it a point to see at least a bit of the city I'm visiting - even if it is just an afternoon before a late flight- this is important! I'm also vegan so that presents its own traveling adventures... 

I feel like I should have started this blog a long time ago. But whateves, I'm starting it now and I can recap!